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Waddell Steve Waddell; Marion, IN
Walden Kirk Walden. See KW Pipes.
Waldorf Former brand of William Demuth Company
Walls Bob Walls (ret./† ?); ?, OH)
Wally Frank Wally Frank Ltd.; New York City.
Walt De Visser Tobacconist sith small production. He also wrote Constructing Your First Pipe
Walther Bill Walther; Ft. Worth, TX
Ward Robert A. Ward. See R.A. Ward Pipes.
Wardleigh Need Information
Warner Anthony "Tony" Warner; Quincy, PA
Wathen Kerry S. Wathen (ret./† ?);
Watkins Philip Chase Watkins - new carver! CA.
Watkins-Brock Jason Watkins-Brock (; Phoenix, AZ. See Phoenix Pipes.
Waughtel Robert Waughtel (ret./† ?); Harrisburg, PA
WDC Former brand of William Demuth Company; New York City.
Weaver Bruce A. Weaver; Brentwood, TN. See B.A. Weaver Pipes.
Webb Roy Webb; Sevierville, TN
Weber Pipe Co. Carl B. Weber; Jersey City, NJ
Weber-Prada Gunnar Weber-Prada; Los Angeles, CA. See TotemStar.
Weidemann John Weidemann; Best Pipemaker at 1994 L.A. Pipe & Cigar Expo
Weinberger Jack H. Weinberger (†); West Caldwell, NJ. See JHW Pipes.
Weiner Steve Weiner († 2002); Olmstead Falls (Cleveland), OH
Weis, C. Carl Weis - See Carl Weis Meerschaum Pipes.
Well Pipe Brand of Mastercraft, likely made in Italy
Wellington William Demuth Company (WDC); New York City.
Wells, Quinton Quinton Wells; Overland Park, KS
Wenhall Wenhall Pipes Ltd., NYC. Made by different producers.
West Tim West; Columbus, OH
Westbrook Brand of M. Linkman & Co.
Westminster Brand sold by various English and North American Firms
Whidbey Islander Pipes Travor LaRue (†) & Chuck Whitmore; Langley (Whidbey Island), WA
White Bar Brand from the 1950s belonging Wally Frank
Whitmore, Chuck LaRue son-in-law; Whidbey Is., WA
Wiley Randy Wiley; Riverview, FL
Wilke Briars Wilke Pipe Shop (Anna Wilke); formerly in New York City. Successor enterprise, Pipeworks & Wilke, now at East Middlebury, VT. (
Wilkenson 1960s brand from the Bradberry Briar Pipe Co.; New York
William Demuth Company WDC; New York City.
William H. Hendrikx Dutch born pipe maker, lived in Ulster County, NY c. 1930-50s
Windjammer Pipes Justin Bain; Philadelphia, PA
Wittasek John Wittasek; artisan who took part in the P&T Pipe Carving Contest in 2002. Symbol: JW
With Pipe & Book Breck & Julie Turner; Lake Placid, NY
Wood Robert Wood
Woodmere ???
Worlich John Worlich (ret./† ?); ?, NJ
Woolsey Los Angelas, CA (Circa 1960s 1970s)
Yamada Jon Yamada; Hawaii
Yard Pipes Stephen & Roswitha Anderson; Columbus, OH. Sub-brand / second of S&R Pipes
Yello-Bole Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy; currently made by S.M. Frank.
Yeti Pipe Co. Micah Crider; Missoula, MT
Yingling Mark Yingling
Yorkshire Former brand of Sears, Roebock & Co., made by Gasparini
Zeavin Mark Zeavin; CA
Zephair Reco Manufacturing Co. (liquidated); Chicago, IL.
Zeus Brand sold by L&H Stern and Altamira; U.S. PAT. 2158897
Zurcher Levi Zurcher (ret./† ?); Flagstaff, AZ. See Rivendell Pipes.

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