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|'''Duke of Dundee'''||'''[[Continental Briar Pipe Co.]]'''
|'''Duke of Dundee'''||'''[[Continental Briar Pipe Co.]]'''
|'''duPont Explosives'''||'''[[duPont Explosives promotional pipes]]'''

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Calabresi Tomas Cristiano (†), Cristom Imports & Exports Inc.; Tampa, FL
Camelot ???
Cannoy Walt Cannoy; Winter Haven, FL
Carburetor S.M. Frank & Co. Inc.; U.S. PAT. 2082106
Carey Magic Inch E.A. Carey's Smokeshop 7090 Whipple Ave N, North Canton, OH 44720; phone 800-992-7427, fax 330-244-9518 or E-mail: mailto:jthames@eacarey.net.
Carroll Charles Carroll (†)
Cassel Shannon Cassel; Tucson, AZ
Catterall Pipes Van Catterall; Greensboro, NC
Cazzetta Dominic Cazzetta (†); New York City. See Don Lou.
Cellini Victory Pipe Craftsmen; Chicago, IL
Chadwick Tommy Hawk
Chadwick 11.jpg | Chadwick 10.jpg |
Chambers Brandon Chambers; Olympia, WA
Channber Channber Briar Pipe - CBP
Chesterfield Kaufman Brothers & Bondy (KB&B); patented 1905.
Chheda Pipes Premal Chheda & Bill Shalosky, Smoker’s Haven; Columbus, OH
Chlebove Dan Chlebove; Bethlehem, PA. See Gabrieli Pipes.
CHP-X Created by Chuck Holiday and partner Jay Rostov; Baltimore, MD. See also Michael V. Kabik.
Christie Pipes Eric C. Christie; Waynesboro, PA
Cipolla Robert Cipolla
Clark Chris Clark; Toledo, OH
Clemons Greg Clemons; San Diego, CA
Clark Briar Originals Bob Clark; Warren R.I.
Clewell R.A. Clewell
Cole Pipes Charles Cole
Collins Bill Collins, see Jost
Colossals M. Linkman & Co., Chicago, IL
Colossus Pipe Factory CPF (New York, NY) - Formerly Known as Consolidated Pipe Factory
Comeaux Larry E. Comeaux II; Memphis, TN
Connoisseur Connoisseur Pipe Shop; New York City. See also Edward Burak.
Consolidated Pipe Factory CPF (New York, NY) - a subsidiary of Kaufman Brothers & Bondy (KB&B)
Continental Briar Pipe Co. New York City
Conway C.E. Conway Jr.; Orlando, FL
Cook Russ Cook; ?, MI
Cook Tom Cook; Amarillo, TX
Cooke Charles Patrick Cooke (†); ?, CA
Cooke James T. Cooke; East Fairfield, VT
Cortegiano Joseph Cortegiano (†); New York City
Court Glen Court; South Hadley, MA. See Royal Court Pipes.
Crable Joseph Crable; Kealakekua, HI
Craig William D. Craig - Fireside Pipe Shop; Hurffville, NJ
Creative Briar Pipes Al Perkowski; Sterling Heights, MI
Cristiano Tomas Cristiano (†), Cristom Imports & Exports Inc.; Tampa, FL
Crosby John M. Crosby; Lafayette, IN
Curtz Arley G. Curtz; Salt Lake City, UT
Custom-Bilt Founded by Tracy Mincer (†); Indianapolis, IN. Since 1946 named "Custombilt".
Dakota Pipes Serial pipes; ca. $40.
Davidson Adam Davidson; Little River, SC
Davidson Joe Davidson. "... the world's most famous pipe, sculpted by Joe Davidson, that is insured for $7,500..."
Davis Jody Davis; Yuma, AZ. See J. Davis Pipes.
Davis Rad Davis; Foley, AL
Dawes Pipe Gen. Charles G. Dawes; Salt Lake City, UT
DCS A Danish fancy styled freehand...
DCS 1.jpg | DCS 1a.jpg | DCS 1b.jpg
De Franco Charles De Franco; Trenton, NJ
DeFant Phil DeFant; Brooklyn, MI. See Marchetti Pipes.
DeJarnett Pipes Horace DeJarnett; Glendale, AZ
Delta Pipes Michael Fauscette; Discovery Bay, CA
Demuth William Demuth Company - WDC. New York City.
Dengler John Dengler; St. Charles, MO
DePrey James DePrey (†); Ft. Kent, ME
Diebel Fred Diebel; Kansas City, MO
Dinwoodie Kaufman Brothers & Bondy (KB&B). Introduced November 1919, discontinued till 1924
Doerr Diane Doerr. See also JHW Pipes; West Caldwell, NJ.
Don Lou Dominic Cazzetta (†); Brooklyn, NY.
Dr. Berger ???
Dr. Grabow M. Linkman & Co.; Chicago, IL
Dr. Kernel Dr. Jos. E. Kernel. US Pat. 2614568.
Dr. Mac Pipes Private label brand of McCranie's; Charlotte, NC.
DRS Supposed to be Danish, D.R. Schmelzer is obviously an American carver. As it seems, with a fondness for Fan shapes.
DRS 01.jpg | DRS 01b.jpg | DRS 01c.jpg |
Duleigh's of Hollywood Private label brand? Hollywood, CA.
Duke of Dundee Continental Briar Pipe Co.
duPont Explosives duPont Explosives promotional pipes

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