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G & W G & W Pipe Co.; ?, TX
Gabrieli Pipes Dan Chlebove; Bethlehem, PA.
Galehouse Joseph Galehouse; Wooster, OH
Gardner Russ Gardner; Las Vegas, NV
Garfinkel Washington, D.C.
Garlinghouse Frederick Garlinghouse (†); Carthage, TN. See Frederick G Pipes.
Garrison Brand produced by Whitehall
Gatlinburlier Brand of Tobacconist, The Gatlin-Burlier: Gatlinburg, TN
Gebbie Robert Gebbie; Vancouver, WA. See R.G. Freehand Pipes.
Genna Frank Genna; Woodbridge, NJ.
Georgetown Brand of Georgetown Tobacco; Washington, DC
Georgopulo G. A. Georgopulo; New York City.
Gerholt Industries Engineer; Romero, MI
Germaine Donald Kayne; Huntington, NY
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Gerrard Gerrard Three-Way Pipe, made by E.E. Lushbaugh, Hagertown, MD
Geyer Harry Geyer, carver from the East Coast
GHK Gilbert Henry Krisor or perhaps Krisor
Giardina Joe Giardina; Edwardsville, IL
Gibson Ralph T. Gibson (RTG); Newalla, OK. See Okie Pipes
Gilliam James Gilliam, an American pipe maker living in Germany
Gillmore Albuquerque, NM. Don Gillmore pipe maker, See Don Warren Pipes
Giotto brand by Tom Rakowski, known mostly for his tampers
GJS Jerry Stachowiak; Buffalo, NY.
Glamp Andrew Glamp
Gloman Pipes Italian made. "Gloman Pipes are a good value for the price. Gloman pipes are known for their thick bowl walls and the "amber" ring between the stem and shank. Good everyday pipe."
Glyn Ca. 1970's.
Glyn 1.jpg | Glyn 2.jpg
GM Pipes Gregg M. Bloom; Reseda, CA.
Goff Larry D. Goff (LDG)
Gold Albert Gold (Lassen Pipe Shop); Wichita, KS.
Gold Coast Sub-brand of Pipes by Lee
Golden Bull ??? ITALY, Need information, see also Racine & Laramie
Gordon Bilchik Pipes Mark Greene; Boise, ID. See Gordon Bilchik Custom Pipes.
Gracik Jeffrey Allen Gracik; Princeton, NJ. See J. Alan Pipes.
Gran Hill Made by Michael V. Kabik. Other spellings: Granhill, Gran-Hill. Some are also known as "Made in Denmark".
Gran Hill Lopes states it is also the brand of a Fargo Tobacconist, Lonnie Fay, who made freehands bearing this stamp in the 1970s
Grabow, Dr. see Dr. Grabow, M. Linkman & Co.; Chicago, IL
Gray Mountain Pipes Mark Gradberg; Kankakee, IL.
GRC Pipes GRC = Grace Rachel Christian. Pipemaker: Darius Eruch Dah (husband). Northampton, MA
Greenwich House Antique, Aged Algerian
Gregorio Briarfection Joseph M. Gregorio († 1985); Bronx, NY
Guild Pipes John Fordham; Melbourne, Fl.
Gustav Fischer Meerschaum artist; Born in Austria, he lived and worked in New York
H&B Hirschl & Bendheim; Late 19th / early 20th century brand
HBS Pipes Burgess Shucker, Upstate, South Carolina. Handmade Cherry, Maple and briar pipes. See HBS Pipeworks.
H158 Value Pipes Italian made? "Made from nice briar and come with an even nicer price. Terrific value for the buck."
Hacker, Richard Richard Hacker, author and collector, also designed pipes for some makers
Hackert Jake Hackert; Lancaster, PA.
Hahn Rick Hahn; ?, CA.
Hale Rocky Hale; Mesa, AZ.
Hamburg Jack Hamburg Jr.; Joliet, IL. See Jack's Handmade Pipes.
Hamric Zack Hamric; Sarasota FL
Hamilton Anglo American brand made by Comoy's, and Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy (according to Who Made That Pipe)
Hamilton Lumber Made by L&H Stern (according to Who Made That Pipe)
Hamilton Pipe Made by Max Bressler (c.1940) (according to Who Made That Pipe)
Hampton Wade Hampton; Phoenix, AZ
Harrington Park North American brand sold by Hudson Universal Pipe Co.
Harmon Steve Harmon (†); Henderson, NC
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Hartstock Heyzer Hartstock, important pipemaker of Custom-Bilt.
Hasty, Alexander Alexander Pipes; Kansas City, KS
Haugan Rick Haugan. New carver?!
Hawk Tommy Hawk. See Chadwick.
Hayes John B. Hayes; Fairfax, VA. Shop pipes, various makers.
Hayes Robert E. Hayes; Southport, NC
Haywood Irving Haywood; ?, MD
Heatherby Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy; New York City.
Hedelson Glen Hedelson
Hedelson 1.jpg | Hedelson 1a.jpg
Heidemann Gary Heidemann; Waterloo (Milwaukee), WI
C. P. Heininger & Company Charles Heininger; San Francisco, CA
Heisenberg Pipes Made by Jim Brown; Mooresville, North Carolina
Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. HLT; Greensboro, NC
Henry Don Henry; Springfield, OH
Herbert Bob Herbert; Newark, NJ
Herbaugh Pipes Abe Herbaugh; Augusta, WV
Hercules brand by various companies
Heritage Pipes Inc. Subsidiary ofS.M. Frank; Peekskill, NY.
Heron De-Luxe William E. Heron; Detroit, MI
Herskovitz Sandor Herskovitz; Flushing, NY
Herzig Max Herzig, worked for Marxman
Hessian Guard William Demuth Company (WDC); New York City.
Hesson William Demuth Company (WDC); New York City.
Hesson Guard Milano William Demuth Company (WDC); New York City.
Hew Len Pipes Jaden Hew Len; Wai'anae, HI
Hialeah ... "Algerian Briar"
Highlander Brand of Altamira Company
Hilex Brand of Hudson Universal Pipe Co.
Hildebrand Paul Hildebrand; Phoenix, AZ
Hinkle Joe Hinkle; Indianapolis, IN
Hirsch, Rudolph Rudolph Hirsch, first president of Kaywoodie
Hirshan Adam Hirshan; Intervale, NJ. See Bartlett Pipe Co. and Freedom Smoking Pipe.
H. Jones Easyloader Made by Parker for Tinderbox 1970-1980
Hoffman E. Hoffman
Holcomb Mack Holcomb; Hialeah, FL
Hollman Pipe Company Maker of Bowl Dry pipe, need informaion
Hollycourt M. Linkman & Co. (MLC); Chicago, IL
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Hollyday Pipes Ltd. Charles Hollyday
Hollywood Briar David Hopper; Southeast Missouri.
Holy Smoke Rev. Raymond L. Rosa
Holey Smoke popular grand made by Tracy Mincer Pipe Co.
Honeybrook National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
Honeymaster Inexpensive brand of Mastercraft, possibly made in Italy
House of Robertson Thayne Robertson (1940-1999); Idaho
Howard Tom Howard
Howell Jack Howell; Pittsburgh, PA
Hoyt Robert R. Hoyt; St. Petersburg, FL
Hoyt Tom Hoyt; Tucson, AZ
Huber, David Durham, NC ; See DSH Pipes
Hudson Universal Pipe Co. ???
‎HUGUNIN'S LOS ANGELES Harry L. Hugunin, Manager of W.F. Ball "The Big Pipe Store"; Los Angeles, CA
Huhn Kurt A. Huhn; Warwick, RI
Hyaac Abraham Hyaac; Poland, OH
Hybrid Elephant Crudely made Churchwarden pipes in briar and exotic woods[1]
Hynick Tim Hynick; Boston, MA

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