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|'''[[Anima Pipes|McNulty, Brian]]'''||Brian McNulty; Culver City, CA., '''[[Anima Pipes]]'''
|'''[[Anima Pipes|McNulty, Brian]]'''||Brian McNulty; Culver City, CA., '''[[Anima Pipes]]'''
|'''[[Medici]]'''||Collaboration between [[Todd Johnson]] and Sykes Wilford (Smokingpipes.com)
|'''[[Medico]]'''||'''[[S.M. Frank]]'''; Peekskill, NY
|'''[[Medico]]'''||'''[[S.M. Frank]]'''; Peekskill, NY

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Laird Ted Laird; Brooklyn Park, MN
Lakatosh John Lakatosh; New Columbia, PA
Lamb Pipes Ken Lamb, amateur pipe maker, tooling, and cabinets;
Lark Brand from M. Linkman & Co., connected to Dr. Grabow, from the same maker
Larsen Wally Larsen (†); St. Paul, MN. See Senlar.
LaRue Travor LaRue (†) & Chuck Whitmore; Langley (Whidbey Island), WA. See Whidbey Islander Pipes.
Laughingmoon Pipes Robert Vacher; Litchfield, CA.
Layton Pipes Clark Layton; Pennsylvania.
Lazy S Pipes R.C. Sands; Reynoldsburg, OH
LDG Larry D. Goff
Learned Samuel Learned; York, PA.
Leedy Tom Leedy; Clayton, OH.
Lee Lee; New York City.
Leese Jack Leese; New York City. See Air-Vent.
Ledone Lucille and Ralph Ledone; Appleton, WI
Leonessa Inexpensive brand by James Norman Ltd.
LePeltier LePeltier Pipes; East Fairfield, VT
Levin, Barry see LPI
Lewis Rich Lewis; Minneapolis, MN
LHS L. & H. Stern Pipe Making Company; Brooklyn, NY
Ligne Bretagne Brand of hand finished pipes by Trever Talbert
Light Dennis Light; Toledo, OH
Lindner Michael Lindner; Rochester Hills, MI
Linkman M. Linkman & Co. (MLC); Chicago, IL.
Lips Pipeworks Thomas J. Lips; Portland, OR
Steve Liskey San Bernadino, CA
LOG ???
Longrie Earl J. Longrie; Milwaukee, WI. 1930's
Lord Davenport Pipes Lord Davenport Pipes Ltd.; New York City. Known from the 1940's.
Lord-Davenport.jpg |
Loscalzo Pipes Craig A. Loscalzo; Lexington, KY.
Lou, Don See Don-Lou; Brooklyn, NY
Lou's Lou's Tobacco Bar, Madison, WI.
LPI Barry Levin († 1994); ? VT
Lucky H Pipes Chris L. Hendrick; Pearland, TX.
Luna Pipes Tom Johnson, Bothell (Seattle), WA.
Lynch O.E. Lynch
Lynch 1.jpg | Lynch 2.jpg | Lynch 3.jpg |
Lyon Pipe Lyon, Chas. H., b.1862, d.1947 s.1920; Salt Lake City, UT
M. Linkman & Co. MLC; Chicago, IL
M.E. Stone Pipes M.E. Stone
M&L Moss & Lowenhaupt
Mack Tom Mack; pipes in oak, walnut, and cherry
Malaga Pipe Company Also mentioned as Malaga Briarworks. G. Khoubesser (1939), Emanual "Manny" Khoubesser. Royal Oak, MI.
Manges Rick Manges; Midland, MI
Manhattan Briar Pipe Co. See S.M. Frank.
Marchetti Pipes Phil DeFant; Brooklyn, MI.
Margroum, Jim see Mr. Groum; Hanover, PA
Mariner Joe Mariner (ret.); Napa, CA
Mark Stewart Mark Stewart († 2015); Brevard, North Carolina (www.pipecraft.org, now closed)
Markle, Ernie Ernie Markle Pipes; Scottsdale, AZ
Marks Andrew Marks; Middlebury, VT
Maro Brand of Hollco International
Marshall Field & Co. Likely a Comoy's or Orlik second; Chicago, IL
Martin, Sam see Sam Martin († 1992); Little Rock, AR
MartinS 07.jpg | MartinS 08.jpg |
Martin, Thomas See TM Pipes; Beverly, MA.
Martin Pipe Company Hal Silverstein († 2003)
MartinPCo 1.jpg |
Marxman Robert L. Marx († 1992); New York City
Masterbilt ?? e.g., rustic billiard ~Custombilt, supreme on stem
Mastercraft Robert L. Marx († 1992); New York City
Matt Van Pipes Matt Van; Chokoloskee, Florida
Mayflower National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
McBride Mac McBride (ret./† ?); ?, CA
McArris Brand made for McCranie's by Ashton
McCranie's Made by Ashton
McCranie Pipes Private label brand of McCranie's; Charlotte, NC. Made by Tonino Jacono and Bill Ashton-Taylor.
McCravey W.L. McCravey (ret./† ?); Sunnyside, WA
McGuire ? McGuire (ret./† ?)
McNulty, Brian Brian McNulty; Culver City, CA., Anima Pipes
Medici Collaboration between Todd Johnson and Sykes Wilford (Smokingpipes.com)
Medico S.M. Frank; Peekskill, NY
Mehaffey E.A. Mehaffey; Wheaton, MD
MelloPure Dr. Harry Paine
Melrose Kaufman Brothers & Bondy; New York City.
Mermet Andre Mermet; New York City, New York & San Francisco, CA
Jimmy Mermet San Francisco, CA
Mesa Woodsman Hugo Mesa (ret./† ?)
Mickles Clarence Mickles (†), Park Forest, IL
Micoli Robert Eugene "Mic" Burns (ret.), Long Beach, CA
Milan Bros. Roanoke, Virginia
Milano Brand from the 1930s belonging to William Demuth Company Possibly in partnership with Savinelli
Milton Herb Milton (ret./† ?); Margate, FL
Mincer Tracy Mincer († 1966). Custom-Bilt, The Doodler. Indianapolis, IN.
Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Meerschaum Company; Washington, MO
Mission Briar Brand created in 1941 using Manzanita wood, due to difficulty in getting briar.
Mock Don Mock (†)
Monarch Monarch Pipe Co. Tulsa Ok.
Monstrosity Pipes See Olie Sylvester; Atlanta, GA
Montgomery Handmade Pipes Jeremiah W. Montgomery; Hollidaysburg, PA
Moonshine Pipes Jonathan Lavezzo; Charlottesville, Virginia
Morgan Pipes Chris Morgan; San Jose, CA
Morrisette, Steve Steve Morrisette; Nashville, Tennessee
Moss & Lowenhaupt Factory based in St. Louis, their machinery bought by Jack Hamburg Jr. of Jack's Handmade Pipes
Mr. Groum James H. Margroum (†); Hanover, PA
Mr. Paul's Pipes Paul Speaks (ret./† ?); Baltimore, MD.
Mr. Paul's Pipes Lopes states it is a division of Action Industries, Inc, and that Paul Gourley also signs his pipes Mr. Paul.
Murado John Murado

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