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|'''Swanson'''||Bob Swanson; Fort Lauderdale, FL. See '''[[Perry White Pipes]]'''.
|'''Swanson'''||Bob Swanson; Fort Lauderdale, FL. See '''[[Perry White Pipes]]'''.
|'''[[Sweetheart]]'''||Metal body, briar bowl, need information
|'''[[Swift]]'''||Dick Swift; New York City
|'''[[Swift]]'''||Dick Swift; New York City

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R. Quagliata Pipes Ryan Quagliata; ?, TX
R. Ubben Pipes Randolph Ubben; New Milford, CT
R.A. Ward Pipes Robert A. Ward
R.C. Sands R. Chuck Sands, Reynoldsburg, OH
R.G. Freehand Pipes Robert Gebbie; Vancouver, WA.
R.M. Perkins Pipes Robert M. Perkins; Houston, TX
Ram's Horn Sidney P. Ram; Chicago, IL, and possibly CA
Rampart "Rampart by Dancol"
Random's Pipes "Random"; Wilmington, DE
Rainey Jim Rainey
Rakowski see Tom Rakowski, used Giotto and known mostly for his tampers
Random Woodland Park, CO, active in 2002 - 2005
Ray Rob Ray (ret./† ?); Raleigh, NC
Reco Manufacturing Co. Reco Mfg. Co.; Chicago, IL
Red Dot North American brand from Whitehall
Regal Advertising pipes, made for Regal (pat. integral lighters)
Regency David Jones; Texarkana, TX
Reiss-Premier Corporation See also Kaufman Brothers & Bondy; New York City.
Rembrandt National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
Remington Pipes Adam Remington; Portland, OR.
Renaissance Pipes Thomas Bahder; Clarksville, MD
Rettalb Rettalb is a anagram of "Blatter" and hence Canadian! → Blatter & Blatter
Rettke J. Rettke, Washington MO, PAT. June 12 1962. The silver colored thumbscrew below the stem unscrews and is a 2⅜" corkscrew like device.
Rettke 1.jpg
Rex Walden Pipes Rex Walden; Kerrville, TX
Richard Hacker Author and pipe collector, who designed pipes for some makers
Ries Brand produced by third parties for Iwan Ries & Co.
Rimkus, Nathan Los Alamos, NM See N.W.R. Pipes
Rimkus, Victor Edgewood, NM See Rimkus Pipes
Rimkus Pipes Brand Name of maker Victor Rimkus, Edgewood, NM
Rinaldi Jon Rinaldi; Sonoita, AZ. See J. Rinaldi Pipes.
Rivendell Pipes Levi Zurcher (ret./† ?); Flagstaff, AZ
Robert Bannerman Canadian artisan and former Clay Pipe factory (1875-84), located in New York state, USA
Robertson Thayne Robertson (ret./† ?); Boise, ID
RobE's Art Robert Bartholomew, Kalamazoo, MI
Rocky Briar Rocky Briar, US Patent.
Rodgers Ben Rodgers - Pipe Shop; New York City
Rodriguez Tony Rodriguez
Roger's Own "Made in England" for London Pipe Shop; Los Angeles, CA.
Rollar Curt Rollar (ret. from pipemaking); Stroudsburg, PA
Ronson Brand of Ronson Corp., pipes with an aluminum shank
Rosa, Rev. Raymond L. Holy Smokes; Marlboro, MA
Rose Francis Rose; Culver City, CA
Royal Meerschaum Pipe Co. Meerschaum pipe company Started in 1970; Escondido, CA
Roy Roger Webb see Webb; Sevierville, TN
Roughriders See John Allen; Ipswich, MA.
Roush Larry Roush; Perrysburg, OH
Royal Ascot English brand of Duncan Briars sold in the US by Mastercraft
Royal Court Pipes Glen Court (ret./† ?); South Hadley, MA.
Royal DeMuth Brand of William Demuth Company
Royal Duke Continental Briar Pipe Co.; New York City. Also used in England by M. Linkman & Co., Comoy's, and Hardcastle
Royalton Brand from M. Linkman & Co.
Rudal Trent Rudal; Danville, IL
Russ Alan Pipes Russ Alan; Greenville, RI
Ruth Dennis Ruth; Des Moines, IN
Ruthenberg Brian Ruthenberg; Fort Gratiot, MI. See Briar Art.
RVW Second brand of Randy Wiley
Rylan Doyle Pipes Rylan Doyle Bishop
S&R Pipes Stephen & Roswitha Anderson; Columbus, OH.
S.E. Thile Pipes Scott E. Thile; Murray, KY.
S.M. Frank S.M. Frank & Co. Inc.; Peekskill, NY.
Samhara Samhara Pipe Co., a 1940s brand
Samson Kaufman Brothers & Bondy; New York City.
Sampson Merrill G. Sampson (Aero-Kool, Spiral-Kool); Seattle, WA & Santa Monica, CA
Sands Jerry Sands; ?, NC
Sands R.C. Sands (Lazy S Pipes); Reynoldsburg, OH
Sander Sandor Herskovitz; Flushing, NY
Saville "Made in England" for G. A. Georgopulo; New York City.
Schloemer Mark „Evan“ Schloemer; Rozel, KS. See Evan Handmade Briars.
Schoenleber ? Schoenleber; Newark, NJ
Schoonmaker Renny Schoonmaker; Clifton Park, NY.
Schuch Adolph and Louis Schuch; San Francisco, CA; Meerschaum pipe makers, 1865 (company bought by Charles Kohlman/Coleman in 1868)
Schulte Max Schulte (†); Springfield & Maplewood, NJ
Scofield Ben Scofield; Lancaster, PA
Scott Proprietary brand of H.R. Scott, a tobacconist formerly at 64 Exchange Place, New York City.
Scottspipes Scott Klein; Elk Grove Village, IL
Seefeldt Curt Seefeldt
Sellars Made Briar Pipes Tim Sellars; Tennessee
Seman Jim Seman; ?, OH
Senlar Wally Larsen (†); St. Paul, MN
Seville Brand of Mastercraft, likely made in Italy
Seymour Major Allison J. Seymour; Valley City, ND
Shalosky Bill Shalosky; Smoker’s Haven; Columbus, OH
Shapiro Joel Shapiro; Rancho Cordova, CA. See JS Pipes.
Sharp Charles Sharp. See PipesMD Pipes.
Shasteen Jim Shasteen; TN
L.Shaw Pipes Lehman Shaw; [1]; Benton Harbor, MI
Sheffield Ed Sheffield
Shepherd Brothers Darren and Greg Shepherd; Elk Creek, VA.
Sherman Martin Sherman; Little Silver, NJ.
Shimon Robert Shimon, amateur artisan who placed second in a Pipes & Tobacco Magazine contest
ShureWood Pipes Colin Rigsby; Arlington, TX.
Silber Art Silber - Cellini Pipe Shop; Chicago IL
Silver Lining Briar Silver Gray, Oregon
Silver Mac Duff Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. for Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA
Silverstein Hal Silverstein († 2003). See Martin Pipe Company.
Simmons Scott Simmons
Sir Charles Charles Born of Bright Leaf Tobacconists; Wichita, KS
Sir Hubert Weber Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ
Sir John Hargold Assoc., 1941
Sir Sheldon National Briar Pipe Co.
SK Pipes Vic Steinhart & Mitch Kaufman; West Caldwell, NJ.
Skoda Pipes Joseph Skoda; Philmont, NY
Smith, Dan Dan Smith
Smokestack Brand by Altamira
Sohn, Hugo Artisan who worked for Marxman
Sovereign Ron Pellegrini; Staten Island, NY.
Sparta Industries Makers of Dr. Grabow among others; Sparta, NC
Spell Mark Spell. See Piedmont Briars.
Spence Pipes Taft Spence; Nashville, TN
Souers Dennys Souers; Columbus, OH
Southmont Pipe Company Jeremiah W. Montgomery, liquidated. Southmont (Johnstown), PA.
Spiral-Kool Merrill G. Sampson; Seattle, WA & Santa Monica, CA
Squire Brand by Alfred W. Brenninger in 1935, but made in Ireland by Peterson
Stachowiak Jerry Stachowiak (GJS); Buffalo, NY.
Standing ???
Stauffacher Brad Stauffacher; Polo, IL
Steinhart Vic Steinhart; West Caldwell, NJ.
Stephenson Steve Stephenson, finalist in 2004 P&T Magazine Competition
Sterncrest Inexpensive 1930s brand of LHS
Steve Morrisette Pipes Steve Morrisette; Nashville, Tennessee
Stevenson, Alan Alan Stevenson; Wausau, WI.
Mark Stewart Mark Stewart († 2015); Brevard, North Carolina (www.pipecraft.org, now closed)
STOA Briars Todd M. Johnson; Nashville, TN.
Stone M.E. Stone Pipes
Storm Frank R. Storm; Stacy, MN.
Storm King ???
Story Robert Story († 1987); Cleveland, OH
Strano Al Strano († 2000). Pipemaker of Wally Frank Ltd.
Strano Joe Strano (Northhampton Tobacconist); Ridgewood, NY.
Straus Straus Tobacconist; Cincinnati, OH
Street Pipes James Street; Englewood, CO.
Strong Jim Strong; Atlanta, GA.
Student Prince Brand by Wally Frank
Sturgill Ken & Karen Sturgill (Ken's Wooden Wonders); Dayton, OH
Stylebilt ??? e.g., Stylebilt 2 Dot Carved Oom Paul Estate Pipe rustic~Custombilt
Suffolk Brand from Whitehall in England, and sold by Tyler & Co.
Sunday Cob Sunday Cob Pipe Co., Washington, MO
Sven-Lar Made by Michael V. Kabik.
Swanson Bob Swanson; Fort Lauderdale, FL. See Perry White Pipes.
Sweetheart Metal body, briar bowl, need information
Swift Dick Swift; New York City
Swinks Swinks Smoke Shop; Franklin, OH.
Olie Sylvester Atlanta, GA

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