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Featured Pipe, Rainer Barbi- Volcano
Featured Pipe, Jeff Gracik (J. Alan Pipes) - Zen Blowfish
Featured Pipe by Kent Rasmussen, courtesy Lars Kiel
Featured Pipe, Brad Pohlmann - Bulldog

Pipe brands and makers by location

It would be great to see an overview of the history of pipe making in each region. Please feel free to contribute information to the individual sections. Many of the pipe makers still need bios or additional information and pictures (just click on them, and then select the Edit tab to add any information you have). Feel free to add other pipe makers you've a particular interest in or knowledge of. Please let me know if you need any help managing the wiki: mailto:sethile.pipes@gmail.com

We use the term Broken Pipe coined by Tom Dunn, and also used by Jan Andersson, to denote Pipe Makers who have passed on. (Translation of the commonly used French expression "Casser sa pipe")




Amiel Raoul Amiel

South Africa


du Preez Leon du Preez
Ebenhart's Handmade Pipes Ebenhart Botha
Jobert Johan Slabbert
Goussard Pipes Charl Goussard, Cape Town
Mattner William Mattner
Jan Pietenpauw Jean du Toit, Pretoria
Piet Binsbergen Piet Binsbergen, Pretoria


Fader's M/L Made for Fader's of Baltimore



Kiko Kilimanjaro Pipe Company Ltd.


|Brancher| Patrick Cline



Bambi Pipes Gustavo Miguel Gonzalez
D'Capo Paolo Minotti
Luigi Pipes Luis Arbotto
Pipas Cassano
Pipas Piombo Pablo A. Piombo



Pipas Arguello MA Miguel Arguello



Bazzanelli Cachimbos Bazzanelli
Bertoldi Cachimbos Bertoldi
JCI Cachimbos JCI, discontinued



Blatter & Blatter
Brigham Pipes
Calich John Calich
Cats Paw Pipes Bill & Terri Weist
Colm Magner
Condina Guiseppe Condina
Downie Pipes Stephen Downie
Fagan Mike Fagan
MacQueen Pipes Colin MacQueen
Magner see Colm Magner
McGrath John Hamilton McGrath
Olde World Fine Clays Stephen Bray
Paradis Pipes Paradis Brothers
Parks Pipes Michael Parks
Pipes by Wolfgang Wolfgang Blazejewski
Rettalb Rettalb is an anagram of "Blatter"! Sub-brand, → Blatter & Blatter
Rocheleau Briar Pipes John Rocheleau
Seles Pipes Stefan Seles
Trypis Pipes Phillip Trypis
Vesz Pipes Julius Vesz
Wombaroo Pipes Marty Simm

Canadian pipe making is very individual. Some styles are very traditional, showing definite Old World roots, while others are heavily influenced by the Danish freehand movement.



Herrera - Leonardo Herrera

Pipes JAS - Juan Antonio Salhus

Pipas Ovejanegra - Carlos Toro Urrutia



Pipas de Cochera - Roberto González González

Pipas Elo - Elo Rojas

United States


American pipe making is heavily influenced by the European schools, although Asian aesthetics, at least as they play out in pipes, have also become a notable influence. In particular, the Italian, English, and French schools, with their traditional shapes, have formed the basis for the work of many American pipe makers who have pored over collections of old Dunhills, Barlings, GBDs, Costellos, Savinelli's, etc. Many of these shapes were well established by the 1920s. Others are heavily influenced by the makers of Danish high grade pipes, who have likewise been influenced by their mentors, the fathers of the Danish freehand movement of the 1950's and '60s.

"Go West" is a fascinating look at high grade American pipe makers from across the pond. Written By: Erwin Van Hove and originally published in the French magazine, Pipe Mag.

Among other interesting developments in US pipe making has been Sandblasting. Fred Hanna wrote an interesting article for The Pipe Collector called, The Best Sandblasted Pipes are Being Made By Americans, where he writes, "Now and then, someone will point to a particular country, such as Denmark or Italy, and remark upon the quality of their pipe makers as a group. This may be in terms of design, finish, mouthpieces, engineering, or what have you. Let's add another such assessment. I have been watching the quality of sandblasting by Americans for the last couple of years, and I don't think there can be any doubt about it. The best sandblasted pipes OVERALL are now coming out of the USA."

Suffice it to say that a new generation of American pipe makers have emerged. Many have made the trek to high grade pipe mecca to study with the master carvers. They have brought back an entire school of technique and aesthetic and made it their own. Others combine the traditional and freehand styles in a unique combination. Regardless of their influences, many of these American pipe makers are pursuing pipe making with a tremendous passion and energy, and an individual spirit, not unlike the one that molded the country.



Pedro Ferrizzo

Pipas Elfo - Helios Guidotti







Andreas Bauer Meerschaum Pipes
Baff Tabakpfeifenunikate David Wagner
Edward's Pipes Edward Czerny
Erste Ottakringer Pfeifenmanufaktur Patrick Rutka
Harkam Pfeifen Karl Harkam
Huml Karl Huml
Kemperling Salzburger Pfeifenfabrik
Krenn Hans Krenn
Lenz Josef Lenz; c/o Tischlerei Lenz
Matzhold Peter Matzhold
Pfeifendesign Lorenz Ludwig Lorenz
Prammer Freehand Pfeifen Josef Prammer
Stiegler Christoph Stiegler
Strambach Meerschaum Pipes
Tine Pipes Martin Steinthaler



Bocci Enrico Bocci
Elie Elie also lives in France
Hilson Hillen Bros. Co.
Claessen Pipes Dirk Claessen, Antwerp



GB Pipes George Boyadjiev
Getz Pipes Georgi Todorov
D.Gechev Pipes Desislav Gechev
SDB Pipes Svetoslav Bozukov



Dotter - Domagoj Telišman
tNd tobacco pipes - Daniel Mustran



Kokkinos - Yiannos Kokkinos Custom Pipes

Czech Republic


Novakpipes Michal Novák
Háp Pavel Háp
Hodula Pavel Hodula
JanPipes Jan Klouček
Jirsa Oldřich Jirsa
Kroupa Hanz Kroupa
Krška Karel Krška
Machek Jiri Machek
Pearl Bee Radka Hofmannová
Vlasak Martin Vlasak
Zapletal ART Jiří Zapletal
Celtic Tobacco Dušan Doubek



We highly recommend the following article on the history of Danish pipe making by Jakob Groth. More Pipe maker articles coming soon to this section. Those in red still need articles. Please dive in if you'd like to help. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Scandinavian pipe makers. We highly recommend danishpipemakers.com



|Elie||Elie's also living in Belgium.



More pipe maker articles coming soon. There exists an excellent site dedicated to German pipe makers. We highly recommend German Pipemakers

Great Britain




Alexander Pipes Alexandros Zavvos
Amadeus Pipes Achaiki Amadeus S.A. / Briar Manufacturing Industry S.A. (PTM)
Anastasopoulos, Kostas K. Anastasopoulos Handmade Smoking pipes / Mr. Kostas Anastasopoulos (Amateur Pipe Maker) / Athens, Greece
Archaggelos Pipes Archaggelos Handmade Smoking pipes / Mr. Michael Kyriazanos (Amateur Pipe Maker) / Athens, Greece
A.S. Smoking Pipes Handmade Smoking pipes / Mr. Anthony Salas (Amateur Pipe Maker) / Agia Paraskevi, Greece
Gourvelos, Kostas K. Gourvelos - Woodturning Handmade Smoking pipes / Mr. Kostas Gourvelos / Athens, Greece
Stefanou Pipex Stefanou Pipex / Handmade Pipes / Lygourio - Epidavros , Greece
Velasco smoking pipes Handmade smoking pipes by Michael Pipinis-Aliagas / Athens, Greece



Gallvitz Viktor Zöllner (owner)
Körös Pipes Balázs Szabó (owner)



B.P.L. A brand of Briar Pipes Limited, Dublin Ireland
Irish Seconds A Peterson sub-brand, sold in the U.S.A., also in Austria
Irish Gems Also a Peterson sub-brand???





Senatorov (Sergei Senatorov Fjodorovic)



Briar Pipeworks Ltd. (Marsa / Malta)



Amphora Elbert Gubbels
Big Ben Elbert Gubbels
Copenhagen Style Elbert Gubbels
Croydon Lex Brouwer
Don Bernard Pipes Bernard Myburgh
GoedeWaagen Holland - Clay
Gubbels Elbert Gubbels - Royal Dutch Pipe Factory
Hajenius P.G.C. Hajenius; Amsterdam
Hilson Elbert Gubbels; formerly Belgium
Royal Dutch Elbert Gubbels



Lillehammer G. Larsen
Tabago Bård Hansen



Antoniewski Bartlomiej Antoniewski
B&B Artur & Mariusz Bednarczyk
Bróg Zbigniew & Renata Bednarczyk
Fajkołamacz Łukasz Tolzdorf
Filar Ryszard Filar
JSG Jan Szymon Gołowacz
Kulpinski Ryszard Kulpinski
Parol Marek Parol
Pastuch Pipes Wojtek Pastuch
Poliński Tadeusz & Celina Poliński
Rogrus Robert Gruszczynski
Samsel Tomasz Samsel (now Australia)
Worobiec Henryk Worobiec
Zembrowski Pipes Tomasz Zembrowski



Reis Joao Reis



Negoita Rolando Negoita (now USA)
Gabos Pipes Gabos Costin Iuliu
AA Pipes Alguhan Akşar (Bucharest, Romania)
Aaron Pipes (Bucharest, Romania)



Ailarov Sergey Ailarov
Dyomin Sergey Dyomin (also "Demin")
Fyodorov Alexey Fyodorov
Grechukhin Vladimir Grechukhin
Kiselyov Valentin Kiselyov
Kharlamov Alexey Kharlamov (also "Harlamov")
Looshin Evgeniy Looshin (also "Lushin")
Mr. Pipes Misha Revyagin
Saharov Alexandr Saharov
Seniak Zinovi Seniak
Yashtylov Viktor Yashtylov
Starkov Boris Starkov



Slazansky - Slazansky Patrik



Lobnik - Gregor Lobnik



Bonet Joan Bonet
Bruken Sucesores de Emilio Navarro
Carsipe Carles Royo Porta
Homs Jaume Homs
Iberica de Pipas
labuenapipa Luis Wiesenthal
Niubó Joseph Niubó
Pipas Martín Rafael Martín Oltra
Pipas Sigmund Segimon Baulenas
Pipas Soler Joan P. Soler
Pipas + O Félix Massó
Minorca Spain
Saladich Joan Saladich i Garriga
Salvatella Enric Moulines Giralt
Santané Josep Santané
Taioli Siro Taioli



Björn of Sweden Björn Bengtsson
Carlson Bengt Carlson
Dura Pipes Dura Semjaniv (broken pipe)
Geiger Pipes Love Geiger
Gurra Lars-Göran Markunger
Ivarsson Sixten Ivarsson (Denmark; broken pipe)
Ljung Arne Ljung (broken pipe)
Nordh Bo Nordh (broken pipe)
Thunér Pipes Ronny Thunér
Vollmer & Nilsson Martin Vollmer & Anders Nilsson

Although much deserved credit has been given to Danish pipemakers & the "Danish Freehand" style, a lot of credit has to go to a handful of brilliant and innovative Swedish pipemakers, not the least of whom were Sixten Ivarsson & Bo Nordh (may they smoke & rest in peace).

More pipe maker articles coming soon. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Swedish pipe makers. We highly recommend Svenska Pipklubben (Swedish Pipe Club) and extend many thanks to Jan Andersson, club secretary (and pipe smoker, of course).



Bru-Bu Brunner & Buhofer (also known as BBK)
Design by FRANZ Franz von Matt
Egloff Peter Egloff
Fischer, Peter
Glen Ben Freehand Pipes Richard Baggenstos
Innerschwyzer-Pfeifen Andreas Heinzer & Family
Jean Alexis Handmade Pipes Richard Baggenstos
Jud Daniel Jud
Kappeler Alex Kappeler
La Pipa Stefan Capaul
Peter Pfeifenbau Roman Peter
Stich Drechslerei Stich AG
Tom’s Pipe-Line Thomas Habermacher
Tschan Moritz Tschan
Wagner Pipes Michael Wagner
Wagner Tabak-Lädeli
White Dog Freehand Pipes Richard Baggenstos
WR Freehand Pipes Wolfgang Röllin

We urgently need Helvetians (Swiss) to contribute info for the above pipemakers.



Golden Gate
Ponomarchuk Alexander Ponomarchuk
Rizhenko Valeriy Rizhenko
Shekita Konstantin Shekita
Aksenov Yuriy Aksenov
KAF-pipe link title

Middle and Far East



Daadou Pipe
Shanghai Tang
Pipe childe
Mister Pipe
Zhishan & Mindong Pipe
P.Zhan Pipes



Shalom Pipe Factory



Arita Shizuo Arita
Arita Takeo Arita, son of Shizuo Arita.
Gajin Gajin Hayafune
Goisagi Pipes Y. Miyasaka
Gotoh Kei'Ichi Gotoh
Hachiro Seiji Hachiro
Higuchi Jun'ichiro Higuchi
Ichi Ichi Kitahara
Ikebana Tsuge Brand
Maruyama Hajime Maruyama
saci Yukio Okamura
Sakurai Kenichiro Sakurai
Satou Smio Satou
Shimizu Kanji Shimizu
Tokutomi Hiroyuki Tokutomi
Tokutomi Yuki Tokutomi, daughter of Hiroyuki Tokutomi.
Tsuge Sab Tsuge, owner
Tsutomu Fukashiro Tsutomu



Libre Real Briar George and Gabrielle Daoud

New Zealand


Speden Pipes Don Speden, now Japan
Zeman Jan Zeman



Ak-Taş Meerschaum Pipe Besim Aktaş [1]
Altinok Meerschaum Altinok Meerschaum
Aznavur Meerschaum Pipes Baris Ltd. Co.
IMP Imppipes - Isik Luletasi Hayv. Nakl. San & Tic. Ltd.
Irmismarbel Meerschaum Irmismarbel Meerschaum
Koncak Meerschaum
Pipsan Pipes Pipsan Pipes
Şahin Pipo Şahip Pipes
Storient Block Meerschaum Pipes Storient Block Meerschaum Pipes
WGM White Gold Meerschaum
White Pipe Ahmet Hamdi Büyükçopur
Yunar Pipe Abdulvahap Yunar [2]

Pipe Marks & Logos

This area is still under construction, so please wear a hard hat & your favourite smoking jacket.

Due to the huge number of Pipe Makers, we hereby provide links to a number of sites with Marks & Logos:

Logos & markings


Comunidad de la Pipa

Amigos dos Cachimbo


Aldo Velani - Italy - Gold & Silver Circle:  

Altinok Meerschaum - Turkey - Vivaldi font "A" in a black circle:  

Butz Choquin - France - BC Inside a circle:  

Peterson - Ireland - White script "P" stamped on stem:  

Salvatella - Stylised White "S" stamped on stem:  

Savinelli - Italy - "S" Inside a shield surmounted by 2 pipes, stamped on stem & shank:  

Stanwell - Denmark - "S" surmounted by a Crown stamped on stem:  

Storient BLOCK Meerschaum - Turkey - Storient "STORIENT" in a blue sticker

Vuillard - France - Stylised White "V" stamped on stem:  

Elie - Belgium/Portugal - Stylised Gold "E" inset into stem:  ; Pipe Stamp:  

Edward CZERNY - AUSTRIA - My farther´s and mine...:  

Yiannos Kokkinos - Cyprus -